lake forest shores

Condo Living in the City of Lake Forest

Following the (HOA) Rules!

Homeowner Associations have rules and regulations in place for a reason. Mostly, the bylaws are for community safety & structure. Here you will find the most common ones:

General Rules and Conduct

  1. Excessive noise from any resident or guest at any time which disturbs any other resident, including, but not limited to, dog barking, music from home, car or portable stereo, party noise, domestic disturbances or the revving of engines is strictly prohibited and subject to a fine.
  2. Disorderly conduct, including, but not limited to, yelling, fighting, vandalism or public drunkenness is prohibited in any common area.
  3. A 10:00 pm to 8:00 am noise curfew shall be observed by all residents and guests in consideration of their neighbors' right to peaceful enjoyment of their property. All residents will be considerate of their neighbors at all times. Any resident who willfully and/or wrongfully creates a disturbance as stated in #1 above restricting their neighbors from the right to peaceful enjoyment of their property will be subject to a fine.
  4. Littering is strictly prohibited in any area of the complex. Littering is explained as, but not limited to, cigarette butts, any type of trash paper, spitting or anything else which might be construed as an item for the trash receptacle. Any resident or guest of a resident who engages in littering in any way whatsoever is subject to an immediate fine.
  5. Door to door solicitation is prohibited for any reason except for official Lake Forest Shores Association business. No person, homeowner or outsider shall post personal, or business literature of any kind on garages, mail boxes, front doors, utility closets or common area.
  6. Homeowners shall not allow any real estate company/broker to secure a lock box on any part of the common areas such as, but not limited to, the front walk-in gate or drive-through gate.
  7. No home or garage shall be used for any type of business purpose which requires the visitation of clients or customers, or for any activity which violates any county or municipal zoning.
  8. No outside utility closets, whether or not containing utilities and/or meters, are to be used for storage of any personal items at any time.
  9. For the safety of all residents, as well as visitors, the SPEED LIMIT at all times within the entire complex is 10 MPH. This will be adhered to at all times.
  10. Trash collection is each Monday morning. No trash/trash container is to be left out over the weekend or prolonged periods of time surrounding trash day.
  11. Your trash is to be put in a non-tear bag; however, preferably in a plastic drum container. Do not put trash out loose in department store bags.

Rental & Leasing Units

  1. Lessees, renters and their guests are subject to all provisions of the CC&R's, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations in every respect. Failure to comply with such terms may result in fines being assessed against the unit owner.
  2. Owner(s) are to provide at their expense a copy of the Rules and Regulations to their lessee or renter prior to the lessee or renter moving into the complex. The owner is to retain the current copy of the Rules and Regulations in their possession at all times.
  3. The owner shall submit to the Management Company for the Board of Directors the names of all persons and their vehicle license numbers who shall occupy a leased or rented unit, or room.
  4. The owner of the leased or rented unit shall provide the Management Company with their current address and telephone number. They must notify the Management Company of any changes.

Garages & Parking

  1. The primary purpose of the garage(s) shall be for the parking of vehicles. No activity or activities which prohibits the parking of vehicles therein shall be permitted.
  2. Garage sales are strictly prohibited within any part of the complex.
  3. No home or garage shall be used for any type of business purposes which requires the visitation of clients or customers, or for any activity which violates any county or municipal zoning.
  4. Mechanical work and/or repair of any and all types of vehicles, automobiles, trucks, vans, motorcycles, etc., is strictly prohibited in any common area of the complex.
  5. No vehicle is allowed to park within the complex if that vehicle cannot fit inside one of the complex garages.
  6. Homeowners / renters are to maintain their garage door(s) at all times, so that the door(s) are balanced and well greased. If the garage door(s) are not balanced and greased, they will slam and squeak causing disturbance to the homeowner / renter above the garage(s). Your maintenance of the garage door(s) will lengthen the life of the door.
  7. All resident vehicles (whether they be homeowners or renters) parked on Lake Forest Shores Community property must be registered with the Association and/or Management Company.
  8. Parking of recreational vehicles, including, but not limited to, boats, RVs, campers, vans, trailers and work vehicles in any part of the complex is strictly prohibited.
  9. Parking is permitted only in designated parking spaces. No vehicles are permitted to park behind or along side garage door(s) except for loading and/or unloading.
  10. No hazardous materials are to be stored inside garages.
  11. Inoperable cars shall not be stored in any parking space. Any person(s) not complying with this rule will be subject to towing at owner's expense.
  12. No automobile, truck, van or motorcycle may park in an unassigned parking space for more than 72 continuous hours unless the resident / owner requests a temporary waiver from the Board of Directors for purposes such as vacation, extended illness, etc.
  13. No homeowner/renter may rent their assigned garage(s) to another homeowner/tenant IF such rental results in the garage owner/tenant parking his/her vehicle in an unassigned parking space. Otherwise, a homeowner may rent his/her garage(s) if it is otherwise deemed empty and not used by owner/tenant renting said garage(s).
  14. Motorcycles or other like motorized vehicles will be considereed an automobile and must be parked in garage(s) as mentioned in #5 above.
  15. All vehicles are strictly prohibited from sidewalks, walkways and landscaped areas.
  16. Parking in red zones is strictly prohibited. Parking in handicapped zones without a valid handicapped placecard or license is prohibited. Vehicles parked in violation of this rule are subject to county and association fines, and towing at owner's expense.

Trash & Trash Containers

  1. Trash containers must be kept in owner's garage.
  2. Trash containers may be placed for pick up outside the unit's garage no earlier than the evening prior to trash pickup day. The trash containers are to be removed no later than the mornning following trash pickup day.
  3. Trash is to be placed in trash receptacles or plastic bags designed for trash.

Responsibility for Pets

  1. Only animals authorized by the State of California may be kept as house pets.
  2. No unit may house more than two (2) animals of any one (1) type, which requires access to any common area. No unit is to exceed a total of five (5) pets. Fish are an exception to this rule. As an example, if a person has two (2) birds and two (2) cats, then only one (1) dog would be allowed. That would be a total of five (5) pets.
  3. No animal(s) is to be kept for commercial or breeding purposes.
  4. Animals shall not be permitted to become a nuissance to other residents. The Board of Directors shall have the right to order the removal of any pet deemed to be a nuissance to other residents.
  5. No pets, including, but not limited to, cats or any animals shall be allowed to roam free within the common areas. All animals must be leashed at all times and in the owner's physical control while in any part of the common area. Animals must never be left unattended or loose for any reason.
  6. Pet owners shall be courteous to their neighbors. Pet owners are to pickup after their animal(s) at all times. Any resident, be it homeowner or renter, who walk their dog(s) within any part of the complex must pickup their dog'(s) "waste".
  7. Pets are strictly prohibited from the pool/spa area at all times.
  8. Pet owners must pick up any animal waste from their assigned garages and/or patios. They are not to be left and/or washed into any common area. No garage(s) are to be used for the home of an animal. Any animal is to live in the condominium quarters. Access to the garage area is permitted, but not as a permanent domain for any animal.
  9. No homeowner/renter, resident or guest shall molest or otherwise harm in any wildlife within any part of the complex or lake.

Pool & Spa

  1. Pool and spa hours are:
    7:00 am - 11:00 pm (Sunday through Thursday)
    7:00 am - 1:00 am (Friday & Saturday)
  2. Persons with contagious diseases are strictly prohibited from using the pool and spa facilities.
  3. For safety reasons, pool gates must remain locked at all times. Gates are not to be "propped" open or left ajar for any reason.
  4. Only bathing suits are permitted in the pool and spa.
  5. The pool/spa area is to be used for recreational / relaxing uses by homeowners / renters. At no time will shoving, diving, pushing, running, splashing, horseplay or other disturbances be permitted.
  6. Radios and tape players are prohibited in the pool/spa area unless used with earphones.
  7. Any noise that will disturb the residents in units bordering the pool area, as well as those using the area for relaxation, is strictly prohibited at any time.
  8. Glass or breakable items are strictly prohibited in the pool/spa area at any time. Violators shall be subject to an immediate fine. The cost of cleanup will be the burden of the violators.
  9. Homeowners / renters are limited to six (6) guests in the pool/spa area at any time without prior Board of Director approval. Guests are the reponsibility of the homeowner / renter.
  10. No person(s) under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is allowed in the pool/spa area at any time. They can and will be asked to leave by any other homeowner/renter.
  11. Association pool furniture must not be removed from the pool/spa area for any reason.
  12. Use of the pool and/or spa shall be at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty at any time.
  13. Pool/spa facilities are for use of residents and their guests only. Guests must be accompanied by their host(s).
  14. Children under the age of fourteen (14) years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all time while in the pool/spa area.

Architectural Structure

  1. Homeowner(s), lessee(s), renter(s) of any unit within Lake Forest Shores shall not obstruct, make any exterior modifications, including, but not limited to, additionsl, paint and/or altering, removing any structure without the express written approval of the Board of Directors. Furthermore, homeowner(s), lessee(s), renter(s) of any unit within Lake Forest Shores shall not make any interior structural modifications without prior Board of Director approval.
  2. No object(s) may be left upon or stored in any common area at any time, excluding garages.
  3. No external poles, antennas, or other external fixture(s) shall be constructed, erected or maintained on any common area.
  4. Garages shall be used for parking of vehicles and personal items storage only and shall not be converted for living or recreational activities, including, but not limited to, offices, game rooms, workshops, storage rooms, guest rooms, pet quarters.
  5. Garage doors shall be closed at all times except for entering or exiting or for ventilation necessary for work done therin. the primary purpose of the garage(s) shall be for parking of vehicles. No activities which prohibit the parking of vehicles shall be permitted.
  6. Patio & porch walls, or any surace visible from the common area shall not be used for drying of towels, clothing, equipment and/or other objects foreign to the specified area. Furthermore, no items are to be attached to any part of the patio walls, whether or not they are visible from the common area.
  7. Climbing on any exterior portion of any building, tree or other object(s), including, but not limited to, block walls or wrought iron fences, gates, within any common area is prohibited.
  8. Homeowners/renteres are not to plant or remove any plants, trees or bushes in the common area. Landscaping is provided by the Association.
  9. Curtains or blinds must be placed in windows within sixty (60) days or close of escrow. Curtains, blinds and other window coverings visible to the outside must be neutral in color and conform with the general color scheme within the complex. If in doubt about your choice, please contact the Board of Directors or Management Company prior to installation of your window coverings.
  10. No dead plants or trees are to be kept on patios and/or porches.