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December 11, 2023

Happy holidays, Lake Forest Shores! It's almost Christmas Day, so I hope that everyone is getting their holiday shopping done early enough before it's too late. I can definitely feel the holiday spirit throughout with some residents having their Christmas trees beautifully decorated, plus you might even see the same with some of the surrounding bushes. It is truly one of the many reasons Christmas is my favorite holiday. And if you want to see more, go check out the Beach and Tennis Club to their annual Christmas decorations, including a 12+ ft tree filled with lights and ornaments.

We'll do another blog regarding the holiday season, so let's get right into a few worthy updates to keep you informed:

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Unfortunately, Lake Forest Shores has to bid farewell to our Community Manager, Rebeccah Jimenez, but for good reason. She got promoted to Director of New Project Development, so CONGRATULATIONS!!! Taking over will be Airica Sentos. Accordingly, the new contact information will be posted on the contact page.

Moving forward, after years of constant HOA fee increases, both of the HOA fees will remain unchanged for 2024...Woohoo! Now that's some really good news. If you received a notice regarding an increase for Lake Forest Shores, it was a typo. A correction notice was sent out via email shortly afterwards to indicate the HOA fee would stay at $430 per month.

Speaking of increases, the deadline for your property tax is due on the 11th of December, so don't forget.

As for the Beach & Tennis Club, the annual Holiday Boat Ride will be taking place Wednesday, December 13th & Thursday, December 14th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. It's a great way to see the beautifully decorated homes around the lake. If interested, sign-ups are available until all of the spots are filled.

If you'd like to donate unwrapped toys and gift cards to support the city's 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, USMC Families, donations are being collected on the evening of the boat rides.

And lastly is some news with regards to something I found interesting while driving on Alton Parkway towards the shopping area in Foothill Ranch. The rehabilitation facility called, "The James A. Musik Facility", once known as, "The Farm", holds both male and female inmates for so-called, "minor offenses", plus ICE detainees. It is in an unincorporated area that borders both the City of Irvine and Lake Forest; located approx. 3 miles from our Lake Forest Shores community. Plus, it can hold up to 1,300+ inmates that are primarily held for low-risk crimes: DUI, burglary, prostitution, drug possession and anything else that is deemed non-violent.

It seems the Orange County Board of Supervisors took it upon themselves to approve the expansion during the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid having to hear public comments on the matter; true politicians acting on behalf of their greed instead of what their constituents want.

Did you ever think you'd be living 3 miles from a jail? I can't think of anything positive by building a jail in this area, except that it will provide jobs; but the negatives will most likely outway to pros on this one. Of course, it might just be a psychological unease on my part.

Maybe our property value will skyrocket due to the increase in population; I know traffic will. Let's see what happens...

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