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Happy Easter Sunday!

April 17, 2022

Wishing everyone at Lake Forest Shores a Happy "hoppy" Easter! This special day, however you choose to celebrate it, signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For others, it might simply be a day of fun and spending time with the family doing Easter stuff; such as egg hunts, barbecues and/or other outdoor activities. As for me, I prefer indoor activities like watching TV, surfing the net and simply a fun game of how long I can stay in bed. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy every moment of it.

There is so much happening in this world. At times, based on what the media reports, you'd think it was all bad. Fortunately, there is plenty of good; it just goes unreported / unnoticed, but it is everywhere...

Cute little bunnies around colorful eggs.
Speaking of good news, Crummack Huseby has announced that the community pool is back to being open following a motor replacement. This is perfect timing for those who plan to enjoy some fun under the sun on Easter Sunday; so get out your swimwear and suntan lotion. And remember to review the Rules & Regulations prior to using the pool facility.

Also, I keep getting email notifications from Crummack Huseby regarding a new "official" resident portal. Personally, I have not signed up "yet". If anyone wants to share their experience with it, please let me know.

Once you sign up, residents can view and update their contact information, enjoy real-time access to their account balance (enjoy???), make secure online payments, view compliance & maintenance history, and process work orders and architectural requests.

Hmmm... These are the same benefits residents get using the CH Enhanced Portal on the Crummack Huseby website.

In my opinion, I've already signed up for one portal. Why would I want to sign up for another that offers the same thing, unless there is something new and spectacular? What needs to happen is more transparency when it comes to the board meetings. The posting of the agendas in the Resident Portal seems to be late these days and the meeting minutes are nonexistent at this point (last post was 04/20/2021). As for the email notifications regarding the next board meetings, it needs to be consistent and available in advance.

Now, I do want to give credit to the Board and Crummack Huseby for taking care of the issue concerning trash containers that were being left outside throughout the week. These days, based on my observation, I have not seen any trash receptacles left outside in plain sight. I know some of you might consider the Rules & Regulations concerning trash to be petty, but there's a good reason why they exist. I won't get into any detailed explanation, but I will provide some essential keywords to get your creative juices flowing: Aesthetics, wildlife/critters and personal info (identity theft).

And in closing, because I'm getting tired, the clubhouse summer hours are Monday - Sunday (7:00am - 10:00pm). In addition, each household gets one free annual guest card which can be picked up at the clubhouse front desk. The annual guest card allows for 12 punches per year. Whether you use a guest card or not, households can only bring up to six guests per day.

Until next time. Enjoy this beautiful day!

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