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Feeling the Heat

June 19, 2022

Summer is a few days away and already, the warmth / heat is forcing me to turn on my A/C. Unfortunately, the tell-tale sign is going to be in the monthly bill. It seems even our utilities have become victim to the price increases. Whether it is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, consumer behavior, Russia-Ukraine war and/or maybe self-inflicted by the government. Whatever the reason or your belief, we're all in this together.

And when I say, "we're all in this together", it isn't simply (only) an America issue. This is happenign throughout the world. I guess "misery loves company" has no limits; no boundaries.

No matter, summer 2022 is about to BEGIN! (Yep, perfect segue...Hahaha!)

Adorable arrangement of beach items signifying the summer season.
Let's start by wishing all of the dads a "Happy Father's Day!" Whether you’re celebrating your dad or an important father figure in your life, take the time to let them know how much you love and appreciate them. Unfortunately, I lost my dad at a very young age, so it comes from the heart when I say, "let them know how much you care for everything they've done".

For those who are not planning on taking any trips this summer, Orange County is full of fun and relaxing places to venture. Yesterday, I was at the Brea Mall. I forgot how enjoyable it was to walk around, people watch and enjoy a Mocha Frappuccino w/ easy whip. If you don't feel like driving too far, the Irvine Spectrum has plenty of places to eat, shop and activities to keep yourself and the family entertained. Plus, if you want to stay out of the sun, let's not forget the Mission Viejo Mall and the "aging" Laguna Hills Mall area.

If you're wanting to save money on gas, the Beach & Tennis Club is a great place to go to focus on getting the perfect tan, barbecue delicious foods, enjoy a drink at the Sunday Poolside Bar, stay healthy with yoga classes, endulge in ongoing weekly / monthly events, partake in all types of physical activities (sports), and other interesting classes & lessons.

The list of fun, yet relaxing places to visit within a 25 mile radius of Lake Forest Shores is plentiful. There is an incredible wealth of options from beaches, wilderness parks, restaurants, nightclubs, zoos, festivals, shopping outlets, amusement parks and the list goes on.

If you're interested in knowing more, then check out "Trip Advisor" and "Tour Scanner". Two great resources for everything in Orange County to keep you busy during this summer months.

As for our community, I don't have much to update. Rebeccah Jimenez is back as our senior community manager, so WELCOME BACK! All (or mostly all) homeowners should have received a management update via email. Please take notice of the different listed contacts that address specific matters.

Rebeccah Jimenez
Senior Community Manager
Assoc. Related Questions / Requests
(949) 367-9430 Ext. 218

Caitlin Tod
Assistant Manager
Maintenance, Landscaping, Parking, Violations
(949) 367-9430 Ext. 254

Billing Dept.
Billing / Account Questions
(949) 367-9430 Option 4

Architectural Dept.
Architectural Changes / App.
(949) 367-9430 Ext. 214

After Hours Emergency
On-Call Manager (Changes Weekly)
(949) 367-9430 Option 3

Other than the new management contact information, our Board of Directors and management at Crummack Huseby have been busy working behind the scenes. A pool motor was replaced back in April in order for the Lake Forest Shore residents and their guests to continually enjoy the facilities, and the palm trees were trimmed to keep our community visually appealing.

Lastly, it will be interesting to see if the housing market stays "HOT". I've noticed several properties @ Lake Forest Shores for sale, but it is taking a bit longer to sell than in the last several months. Maybe a sign that the market could be cooling, but homes are still selling at a premium price.

Anyways, it's my opinion. In talking consideration of these high prices, I'll be sticking around for some time...

That's it. Stay cool. Enjoy the summer!

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