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The HOA board needs candidates for the Annual Meeting & Election coming up. There are currently two vacancies. By being on the board, you'll assist in making important decisions and earn a sense of satisfaction in knowing you're helping the community.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please submit an email to Rebeccah Jimenez at Crummack Huseby.

Scheduled to start October 8, 2019, the board has approved wood and metal painting of all the building surfaces; included are the following: wood trim, balcony railing, balcony trellises, entry door and garage door jambs, window trim, chimney caps, perimeter fencing, stair handrails, pool area fencing, vehicle entry gates, pedestrian entry gates, entry doors, garage doors, utility doors, and pool building doors/frames.

Please read the posted notice on your garage door for instructions on how to prepare for the upcoming project. Moreover, I've attached the notice for your review.

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