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Bringing in the New Year

December 23, 2019

Where does the time go? Merry Christmas to all of you at Lake Forest Shores! You still have one weekend to get all of your shopping done before the big holiday. Most of you will be off of work for the week, perhaps travelling to see family and friends, or perhaps relaxing and enjoying life close to home. Whatever your plans, the festivities and holiday Christmas spirit is here!

Merry Christmas!  Time to celebrate the holidays and get ready for the new year in 2020.
Before I start with the latest, if you're thinking that the title should be "Ringing in the New Year", both "bringing" & "ringing" are used correctly. Just saying...

If you're looking to capture memories with Santa, the Irvine Spectrum is extending its hours with the big guy dressed in red for the holidays. You have until December 24th, so bring your kids and pets. Moreover, there will be a nightly tree lighting with a choreographed light show every 30 minutes from 5pm - 11pm. Lastly, go have a fun at the ice skating rink. There is plenty to do and to be honest, the Irvine Company has done a great job with the remodeling and new retail stores / restaurants.

As for 2019, it was a good year. I'm hoping it to be true for the rest at Lake Forest Shores. The beautification of our community is still a work in progress. To date, the garages / entry doors have been painted. It is taking longer than expected, but perfection takes time.

Unfortunately, Lake Forest Shores homeowners are facing a "double whammy" at the beginning of the new year. Yep, both HOA fees have increased a total of $40 per month / $480 per year; therefore, please make sure you update your payment amount to avoid late fees.

If you're curious about the annual budget for Lake Forest Shores, the report can be obtained via the online portal on the Crummack Huseby website.

One more thing (you should have received an email), but starting January 1, 2020 the homeowners association will be required to disclose a homeowner's email address upon request by a member; unless you decide to "opt-out" using the form attached to the email sent by Crummack Huseby or via the online property profile on CH Connect Enhanced.

As for the Beach & Tennis Club (Elite Property Services), the increase of 8.0% was primarily due to the $5.00 raise in the minimum wage over the last few years, but that's a small part of the reason. Even without the minimum wage hike, the HOA fee for the Beach & Tennis Club has consistantly increased over the last several years. If I recall, it started right after the beach / lagoon was built. I think that in itself is the culprit for the heightend costs, especially due to the ongoing maintenance and repairs...Ugh!

Notwithstanding, the Beach & Tennis Club is considered an amenity to Lake Forest Shores. It is an expensive amenity, so please take advantage of it. You'll find a junior olympic size pool, 5 tennis courts, volleyball court, remodeled fitness center, billiard tables, lounge, wi-fi, entertainment and more.

If you're wanting a copy of the annual budget report, you can contact the manager at Elite Property Services:

Regarding the website, I've realized that many people use different browsers, so you may not have the most up-to-date internet browsers. Therefore, I've made some changes in the code to assist those with older browsers, but it is highly recommended to update to the latest browsers: Firefox & Chrome.

For those using Internet Explorer (ver. 6-11), the usage share is 1.7% globally; enough for me to stop catering to that specific browser. If you're using Microsoft Edge, you should have no issues.

That's it! Merry Christmas and wishing all of you a splendid 2020!!!

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