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It's Almost Witching Hour

October 4, 2019

Trick or Treat, give me something good to eat. That's right, Halloween is creeping up. Get your costumes ready and start stocking up on candy. Before you know it, kids will be going around the neighborhood filling their bags with all types of sugary treats. It is the one night a year when all different age groups come together and dress up as a character in a book, movie or simple anyone you choose to be for 24 hours.

If you’re still interested in becoming a board member, please submit an email to Rebeccah Jimenez at Crummack Huseby. The Board is still looking to fill two positions. It is undeniably a great way to get involved.

As for upcoming Lake Forest Shores projects, an email was sent regarding the painting of all wood and metal surfaces on the buildings. If you did not receive an email, a copy of the email message is located below.

“Dear Homeowners:

The Board recently approved contracting Pilot Painting to paint all of the wood and metal surfaces on the buildings at The Shores. This project is scheduled to begin October 8, 2019 (weather permitting). Pilot Painting will be placing the notices on each unit’s front door and garage to advise residents of the specific date that your unit will be affected by this project. Components of the community included in this project are as follows: all wood trim, balcony railing, balcony trellises, entry door and garage door jambs, window trim, chimney caps, perimeter fencing, stair handrails, pool area fencing, vehicle entry gates, pedestrian entry gates, entry doors, garage doors, utility doors, and pool building doors/frames.

Pilot Painting will be accessing the balconies with ladders, so please ensure that any delicate items placed on or near the railings are put away. Please ensure that any items that are fixed into the exterior of the building such as hanging plants or other decorative items are removed. Please also ensure that your windows are closed, and your blinds/curtains are drawn for privacy. Owners that are currently renting out their home will need to inform their tenants of this upcoming project.

Notices have been sent out via USPS to both on-site addresses and billing addresses. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the above by responding to this email.”

Truthfully, I'm excited about this project. I always felt there was something missing in the beautification of our community and this may be it.

Notwithstanding, I’ve requested to be added to the Beach and Tennis Club mailing list to receive emails about all upcoming events; therefore, I’ve decided to replace the poll section to advertise fun-filled events, local businesses and of course, information relating to Lake Forest Shores.

Lastly, Halloween is right around the corner. It wouldn’t seem right not to list something fun for the whole family to enjoy and let’s not forget a spooky Halloween picture to get you in the mood:

Happy Halloween!  It's trick or treat time, so give me something good to eat.
The Beach and Tennis Clubhouse is having the “Witching Hour & Wicked Brew Bash” on Friday, October 25, 2019 (7:00pm – 9:00pm). Tickets are available October 1st - 18th, with plenty of tasty treats, drinks and a cash bar for those 21 & older. In addition, there will be activities throughout the night, including a group costume contest. Don't miss out!

That's it! I hope you have a spooky frightfully pleasant good time this Halloween! Enjoy a fun-filled night out with ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires, monsters and friends...

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